12% of Orange County residents are medically uninsured.

That is almost 379,825 people with no medical coverage. Many of them are low-income working individuals at 200% or below the federal poverty level who cannot afford to pay for essential medical care. Medical complications can put them out of work or turn them homeless. AccessOC works with local hospitals, doctors, nurses, translators and other community volunteers to deliver free high quality speciality medical services to low-income uninsured individuals who need care.

Our Mission at AccessOC

AccessOC's mission is to improve the health of the underserved by coordinating and providing access to high quality specialty care. Since May 2007, we have been mobilizing medical volunteers to provide free low-risk surgeries to low-income uninsured patients. Four hospitals participate in the program including: Kaiser Permanente, Mission Hospital, St. Joseph Hospital of Orange, and St. Jude Medical Center. 

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Get Involved Today.

AccessOC would be nothing without the help, service and donations it receives from the Orange County community.


Volunteers are needed.

We are able to make incredible impact on people's lives only because of the generosity of our many volunteers. We depend on volunteer doctors, nurses, technicians, schedulers, interpreters, and community members to successfully provide free surgeries to the uninsured. We also appreciate the support of local photographers to help capture our patient and volunteer stories. Our urgent need right now is for medical volunteers, especially surgeons.


Donations are welcome.

If you don't have the opportunity to volunteer for us, you can immediately show your support by giving a donation to AccessOC, making an instant impact on our program and the services we offer. Even a small donation from you can go a very long way in helping us, our medical experts, volunteers and surgeons perform at their best with the highest quality staff and  resources available. Make a difference in your community today for those who may be less fortunate.

AccessOC News & Events

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