One Goal at a time

Gonzalo always had an eye for detail and a love for making and fixing things so he decided to pursue a career in carpentry. Gonzalo had a love for his profession but, while working, a piece of tile flew into his right eye. Gonzalo wasn’t able to see from his right eye and received surgery to fix the problem. It’s been 13 years since he received surgery and his eyesight has progressively worsened. For many years, Gonzalo coped with the gradual loss of vision due to lack of insurance. Because of this, Gonzalo was unable to continue with his profession and was forced to quit his job as a carpenter. Gonzalo was only able to see as far as a foot away and had to start working as a dishwasher to sustain himself. Moreover, he was no longer able to drive or cook for himself due to his lack of vision. Gonzalo knew he could not go on like this so he went to his local clinic and was referred to AccessOC. AccessOC was able to connect Gonzalo with Dr. Pirnazar from the Nvision Laser Eye Center. Dr. Pirnazar found that Gonzalo had a corneal and muscular scar, which was making his eyesight worsen over the course of time. Gonzalo underwent a cataract surgery on his right eye and is now able to see. Gonzalo was once an avid soccer play and is excited to return back to his everyday life and be able to return to his two passions: soccer and carpentry.