Returning to an everyday lifestyle without pain

Roselia has always taken on strenuous jobs and as a result put strain on her wrists to the extent of needing carpal tunnel surgery in 2014 on her left wrist. Being uninsured Roselia had accepted that she would have to live with the pain and be unable to do simple tasks like opening a water bottle. However, after going to her local community clinic, Lestonnac Free Clinic, Roselia was referred to AccessOC. AccessOC was able to connect Roselia to Dr. Tham from St Jude Medical Center to provide her a free surgery. Roselia was able to return to her everyday life after her surgery, but as time progressed her right wrist needed surgery as well. Roselia was once again referred to AccessOC and recently received care through a super surgery day with St Jude Medical Center where Dr. Tham volunteered to do her other wrist. Today, Roselia is doing well and is “thankful for all AccessOC does; it’s really helpful to have a program like this that can help others”.