The Gift of Sight

Leonardo suffered significant vision loss due to a pterygium (growth) on each eye. He worked as a construction worker, though his eyes became watery and irritated when exposed to air, dust, and water. His sight began to affect his work, where he was constantly exposed to the sun and harsh chemicals. The symptoms became so severe, Leonardo had to change jobs in 2013 to spend more time indoors. He helped his wife clean houses but did not make as much money and had to move to a new home. The financial instability meant he could not even afford a pair of eyeglasses to help his vision. On April 17, 2018, Dr. Ghosheh extracted both of Leonardo’s pterygiums. Leonardo is extremely thankful to Dr. Ghosheh, his team, and AccessOC, which helped coordinate his surgery. His life has changed, and he is now able to see clearly, which is only possible with the help of these volunteer doctors. Leonardo appreciates the quality of life he can now enjoy.