Restored Vision

A car accident 30 years ago left 68-year-old Ramon Rivera Franco blind in his left eye. Due to heat and chemical exposure from his work as a welder and complications from his diabetes, the vision in his right eye began to deteriorate as well. A trip to the ER made Ramon decide to adopt a healthier lifestyle in order to be present in his grandkid’s life. While staying at homeless shelters, a vision clinic at the Santa Ana Armory referred him to AccessOC for ophthalmology services.  Soon after, Dr. Ghosheh approved his case, and Mr. Rivera Franco had cataract surgery on May 31, 2018.  Ramon is excited about having clearer vision and is very satisfied with the results.  Although he must continue to manage his diabetes to maintain his eye health, he appreciates all of the help he was given and volunteers his time at food banks and shelters to help others.  AccessOC and Serve the People Community Clinic helped Ramon obtain a glucometer so he can monitor his sugar levels and better manage his diabetes.

ghosheh patient story.jpg