New Sight, New Opportunity

For three years, Virginia Gonzalez lived with a cataract in her left eye. She started seeing bright lights, which kept getting larger. When her vision became significantly reduced, she struggled with daily activities, such as reading price tags at the grocery store, getting around from place to place, and washing dishes. Due to her deteriorating vision, she could no longer see people’s faces clearly, and she avoided communicating with people around her. When she could no longer recognize her grandchildren’s facial features, she realized she would not be able to see them grow up. Fortunately for Mrs. Gonzalez, Dr. Pirnazar at Nvision Laguna Hills approved her for a surgery that took place on July 9th, 2018.  The success of the surgery made her independent once again.  She is thankful to Dr. Pirnazar and his team for giving her clear vision.  Mrs. Gonzalez says this procedure has been life changing in many ways; most importantly, she can now enjoy time with her family and do things on her own without restrictions.

virginia pictures 4.JPG