From Blindness to Sight

Over the last 2 years, as Sofia Valladares’ vision deteriorated, the simplest tasks became more difficult to complete.  As a factory worker in a cookie company, she was unable to fulfill her responsibilities because of her vision problems, which caused her to lose her job.  Due to Sofia’s impaired vision, she was unable to properly read the prescription labels on her medication. This caused her blood pressure and blood sugar levels to increase, which can result in the damage of blood vessels in the retina and adversely affect a person’s ability to see. Even a walk around the block became a challenge when she had to cross the street and was unable to distinguish between colors at the traffic light.  Without being able to cook and care for her family, she felt helpless and sought the help from Serve the People Community Clinic, which referred her to their vision office and ultimately recommended her to AccessOC.  Due to her high blood sugar levels, she was unable to be approved for surgery. Fortunately, she was prescribed new medication, which lowered her blood sugar levels and was given medical clearance to proceed with the surgery. Through AccessOC, she was connected to Dr. Prendiville who volunteered to help Mrs. Valladares in the hopes of restoring her vision.  On February 28th, 2018, Sofia had surgery at Mission Surgery Center as part of the Integrated Surgery Model.  Soon after her procedure, she was able to go home and enjoy her restored vision. She gratefully said to those who helped her “Thank you for everything you do.”