Volunteer Opportunities

Get involved and start making a difference in the Orange County community.

Medical Volunteers

We have a long list of people needing medical intervention and are always looking for medical volunteers who can provide specialty care - such as otolaryngologists, gastroenterologists, general surgeons, ophthalmologists, orthopedic surgeons, nurses, and more.

If you are a Medical Professional in Orange County and interested in volunteering your skills through a Surgery Day or Integrated Surgeries, please fill out this Volunteer Form and an AccessOC coordinator will reach out to you to follow up.


During Surgery Days there are often moments and feelings that can only be shared through a picture. If you are an experienced photographer with your own equipment and would like to volunteer with AccessOC, please fill out this Photography Volunteer Interest Form to get more information on upcoming events.

Making a Difference

The generosity of our volunteers has made incredible impact on the lives of many Orange County residents. Hear their perspective on why they volunteer with AccessOC.